I started ILL Customz in 2014 after I came across an ad for machined car audio parts on a site I was browsing. At the time there were two companies in the US that were selling these parts and I saw improvements that could be made to the quality as well as price. A month later the machine shop I was working at finished our first batch of buss bars and I went to work trying to make a name for myself but none of them sold at all despite advertising frequently on the forums. The bars sat until 2015 when I found myself unemployed and looking for a change of pace. My father borrowed me $3000 and I placed a few very small orders with a local machine shop and decided to try selling on the facebook car audio groups which were very new at the time. Word started to spread that I had the lowest priced amplifier inputs and battery terminals and sales started to come in slowly. For the first 2 years things were very slow and I spent hours each day with my father buffing amp inputs, sanding down the poor finishes on the parts and using a red and black paint pen to fill in the logos engraving on the terminals. 8 years after the unofficial start of the company we are now expanding into new markets and are excited about the future. I can't thank our customers enough and if you are reading this I want you to know that you are the reason this was all possible.


- Sincerely, Cal Olson


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