Mystery Box

Size: 2
Sale price$25.00


We have a large amount of returns, b stock, overstock, loose, and last gen items for mystery boxes. Most people will receive more value than they are paying for. Some items my be damaged or missing hardware but all are functional. If there are issues with your mystery box we will accomodate as much as we can but there will be absolutely no refunds or returns. When you purchase this mystery box you acknowledge that you do not know what is inside of it but are willing to accept whatever you receive.


You will receive items from the level you choose(no not every item). All boxes will be sent with a higher value than what was paid and we will try our hardest to make sure no one feels like they got a lemon.


Level 1 ($10)


Returned and new amp inputs, fuses, fuse holders, heat shrinks, lugs, and returned battery terminals


Level 2 ($25)


Returned and new battery terminals, distros, fuse blocks, lugs, amp inputs, heat shrinks, fuse holders




Level 3 ($50)


Returned and new battery terminals, distros, fuse blocks, 100 packs of 1/0 lugs, 5 packs of amp inputs, 250 packs of heat shrinks, 5 packs of fuse holders, mixed boxes




Level 4 ($100)


New battery terminals, distros, fuse blocks, 50, 150 packs of 1/0 lugs, 10 packs of amp inputs, 750 packs of 1/0 heat shrinks heat shrinks, mixed boxes


Level 5 ($200)


Bulk packs battery terminals, 5 packs of fuse blocks, 250 packs 1/0 lugs, 10 packs of amp inputs, 1500 packs of 1/0 heat shrinks, fuse holders, mixed boxes.

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Moss
Took a chance

I was sent the most amazing gift. I was short a 0ga to 4ga adapter and it came in my mystery box. Thanks ILL Customz Shop


Loved the good quality items And the suspense n curiosity of the mystery box. Excitedmto find out what was inside it. 😁 I Will certainly buy a mystery box again. Thank u for ur services. I was aiming to receive some fuse blocks and hoping they would be included but no luck this time although im over all satisfied with the items that came in the $50 mystery box. Was well worth the gamble. I did need those items that came in the box. They definitely came in handy n are of good use. Thanx again 👍😄👍 I'm giving it 5 stars and two thumbs up! I highly recommend taking achance and buying a mystery box . You won't be disappointed and will be well worth ur money and some. If ur starting a sound system build from scratch, every item you receive in the box will be rewarding n of good use being that u will probably need anyhow if ur starting a new build from scratch or just need to upgrade ur current setup.

Donald Hasty
Mystery Box Level 3

Just got my Mystery Box in today, and I cannot believe the stuff in here!!! There is nothing I saw that was used or returned, and I can use EVERYTHING in here!! Well worth the 50.00!


Loved it, thanks guys at Ill customz!!!

manuel Rebello
Mystery box

I received my mystery box but I really have no use for the items I received unfortunately

It's a mystery box sir, we don't guarantee what items will be inside.

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